Classes & Pricing

Each of our classes uses isometric exercises to sculpt and strengthen every major muscle group in the body. We also utilize complex stretches which enhance flexibility and produce long, lean, feminine muscles. Although these classes are not based on aerobic activity, you will definitely attain cardiovascular results! New moves are incorporated into our classes every week to keep your interest and challenge your body. This also means that you can start at anytime! 
Visit our Class Types page to get the details on our class types.

All of our classes, except for pole, are all levels. Our pole classes are divided into different levels, and we suggest starting with a Level 1 or Level 1/2 for any first timers to our studio. Please note that unless otherwise noted, our classes are women only.  The schedule for classes generally remains the same, however there may be monthly changes. Stay up to date by visiting the studio or download and print a copy! 

At Xpose Fitness, we do not believe in pricey and binding com­mit­ment. Women lead busy lives and should not have to pay for time away from the gym. We do not charge mem­ber­ship fees, monthly dues, or ini­ti­a­tion fees. You only pay for the time you want to come. A single class is $16. The price per class does get less expen­sive the more classes you buy in bulk. Take a look at our class cards and packages to find the best option for you!


Meet the Instructors


Alexis first stepped foot in Xpose a little less than 10 years ago, just to check it out.  She had no dance experience before Xpose, but after taking her first intro class, she stayed for two more pole classes and a floor/chair class!  Alexis immediately fell in love with Xpose and was determined to learn as much as she could.  That is what led her to perform in and win the 2014 Miss Xpose Fitness Competition.  Now she wants to do for others what the ladies of Xpose have done for her by teaching them to be strong and beautiful.  


Ashley began her journey at Xpose as client in 2013. With no dance experience and being told numerous times she has no rhythm, Ashley found it at Xpose!  Ashley quickly fell in love with how her body was changing at Xpose, and she loved the never ending challenges of learning new moves in pole. She jumped at the opportunity to join the Xpose staff in the fall of 2013. Outside of Xpose, Ashley is a licensed social worker and practices mental health therapy. Ashley is all about mindfulness, self-awareness, and overall wellness, which makes teaching at Xpose so fulfilling for her.


Carmen walked through the doors of Xpose back in January of 2010.  Her husband convinced her that she should try Xpose to rekindle her love of dancing that she left behind when they got married.  She was skeptical but after her first class she was hooked.  Carmen competed in her first Miss Xpose in 2011 and then competed again in 2012 and made it to the finals and took 4th place.  She decided she wanted to teach and became an instructor in May of 2012.  In 2014 she took first place in her division at the Atlantic Pole Championship.  Carmen lives to perform and be on stage.  She loves to lift her clients up and believes that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.  


Chrissy lost 75 pounds prior to hearing about Xpose Fitness, but still felt like she was missing something. She decided to try the free Saturday intro class at Xpose Towson in June of 2007, hoping to change how she felt about herself and her body and boy did she ever! Xpose gave Chrissy the self confidence she was lacking and toned her body in ways she didn't even know possible. With her new found confidence, Chrissy competed in Miss Xpose preliminaries, won, and has gone to the Miss Xpose finals twice. In addition to confidence, she found a positive environment with a supportive group of women that could relate to her. Now as an instructor, she can help other women with their personal goals. Chrissy loves to keep you moving the entire class, by the end you really feel strong, sexy and accomplished! Since joining Xpose, Chrissy has graduated from John's Hopkins University with her MBA and enjoys her career as a financial analyst. 


Jessica started at Xpose as a client back  in 2009 and was instantly hooked! After competing in Xpose preliminaries in 2011, she began teaching at the Arundel Mills location in order to share her enthusiasm for Xpose and dance fitness with others. Her classes always focus on fun and flirty fitness and will leave you feeling sexier and more fit than when you walked in! Now, she is looking forward to meeting and dancing with all of the lovely ladies of the Xpose Towson family!


Jillian started as a client at Xpose in 2012. She competed in Miss Xpose 2016 and placed third. That summer, she decided to follow her passion for teaching and become an instructor at Xpose, a decision she couldn't be happier with. Jillian loves being able to share her love and passion for dance and pole fitness with clients new and old


Joanna B. stepped thru the doors of Xpose Arundel Mills in the summer of 2009 and has never looked back. After taking classes for one month, she was hired on as a Front Desk Diva. Joanna moved to Xpose Towson in the spring of 2014, and also became an Instructor with her transition. Joanna loves helping women to feel empowered, sexy and fierce while making you laugh and smile in class. She is so happy to have a safe environment where women of all shapes and sizes can feel comfortable to be themselves. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Joanna has also appeared in many local film and TV projects including the original Step Up movie (as a dancer,) The Social Network, The Wire, America’s Most Wanted and more recently House of Cards and VEEP.


Joanna W. started taking classes at Xpose in April of 2009. She quickly became addicted to the pole classes and fell in love with the entire Xpose family. As a true animal lover, she is a registered veterinary technician at a local animal hospital. While studying for her degree, she also took some fitness classes in college. Dance has been important for most of her life. She got more involved with fitness during her college years, especially while getting ready for her wedding. Changing things up and trying new things has kept her in shape and motivated. Using fantastic and sexy moves, Joanna will be sure to push you to your limit during her classes, but you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even notice!


Leanna started taking classes at Xpose in February of 2012. After attending numerous gyms and doing many home workout videos, she found that nothing was as motivating and fun as coming to Xpose Fitness. She quickly became a faithful member, taking two to three classes a day, four to five days a week. Leanna's outgoing personality and positive spirit landed her an instructor position in September 2013. For over 5 years, Leanna has unloaded packages for UPS, so she is no stranger to "that workout life." Her classes will leave you feeling strong, sexy, confident, and all about "that workout life" too!


Lisa started coming to Xpose in October of 2015 in hopes to find a new form of fitness she could finally commit to. After taking a Saturday Intro class, she was instantly hooked and stayed for the following pole class. Soon after she began attending at least one class a week, which gradually turned into taking at least 3 – 5 classes a day, 2 to 4 times a week. Impressed by what Xpose has done for her physique and health, Lisa began to preach the name of Xpose to her family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Determined to learn all that she could, Lisa decided to test for Black Garter Certification in January of 2016. Shortly after receiving her Black Garter in September of 2016, Lisa began working as a fill-in instructor in October. As an instructor, Lisa ensures that her clients will always leave her class feeling strong and sexy.



Melissa has been teaching at Xpose since April 2008 and loves the energy and friendships made here at Xpose! She has been an occupational therapist for over 10 years and brings her knowledge of exercise techniques, the body’s movement patterns, dance background, and yoga/pilates techniques to each class. She is a mother of 3 and enjoys the much needed break to work out and feel her best, like many other moms who take classes at Xpose!


Tegan started coming to Xpose in May of 2013 as a way to mix up her regular gym workout. She instantly fell in love with the beauty, athleticism, challenges, and empowerment of pole dancing. As a life long dancer and performer, Tegan is no stranger to physical exertion and dancing with grace, but found few things hold a candle to pole dancing. She started coming almost everyday. After making it to finals in Miss Xpose 2014, Tegan was hired as an instructor, giving her the opportunity to work with the lovely ladies at Xpose Fitness Studios. She is constantly looking for new pole moves and combinations to try. If you are looking for a workout that combines choreography with challenging combinations, Tegan is the instructor for you!


Tisha is a registered nurse that began taking classes at Xpose in 2008 in an effort to loose weight and spice up her workout routine. After taking her first class she was hooked. She couldn't believe how much she worked up a sweat in just a 45 minute intro class. Xpose has helped Tisha to lose 50 lbs and feel sexy while doing it. Tisha started working at Xpose in 2011 as a fill in instructor and shortly after she started teaching the popular "Booty Camp" classes. Her goal is to inspire other plus size women like herself to challenge themselves to stay sexy and fit. Tisha's motto is... "You can be sexy at any size!"


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