What To Expect at Xpose Fitness

How to tell if Xpose Fitness is right for you
No experience necessary
Pole Classes
What to wear
What if I'm shy?
Free introductory class
No initiation fees or monthly dues
What are the benefits of these classes?

How to tell if Xpose Fitness is right for you

Ask yourself:

  • Are you bored with your current work out regime?
  • Do you want to feel sexy and confident?
  • Do you want to find other ways of staying in shape?
  • Do you want to be creative?
  • Do you secretly want to learn how to move like a dancer without actually being one?
  • Do you want to exercise in a safe, healthy and non-threatening environment?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then Xpose Fitness is the place for you.

No experience necessary

Xpose Fitness provides a fun way to workout. Each of our classes are designed to be individual of each other. This means that each move in class is explained and broken down enabling you to start and stop the program at any time with out feeling behind. This is NOT a “dance” class that is taught in weekly sessions. Feel free to jump in at any time!

Pole Classes

All fitness levels are welcome in our classes, however our pole classes are broken down into 5 different levels due to the wide variety of moves. We recommend starting at a level 1 or a level 1/2 pole class. This will familiarize you with our terms and movements specific to pole, and will also build the strength needed for the next level. If you already have some pole experience, we still recommend starting at a lower level, as our terminology may differ. The instructors will focus on breaking down the moves for the level that is scheduled. We do not require "testing out" of levels. You can move through levels 1-5 as you feel comfortable! For a detailed description of the pole levels, please visit our Class Offerings page.

What to wear

Top – Any comfortable workout top is fine for the floor/chair class. For the pole class you will need to have bare arms so any short sleeved top that is fitted but not too restrictive would be great.

Bottoms – This is the same as the top, any comfortable pair of pants or shorts is perfect for the Floor/Chair, Stretch class or Pole Level 1. However, for more advanced Pole classes you may want bare legs to properly execute spins and pole tricks. Full coverage fitted shorts are appropriate.

Shoes – Bare feet or socks are great for all classes, but if you really want to get the moves down and get a great workout in your calves, thighs, and booty go for the heels! We carry a line of shoes in our boutique that are appropriate for our classes. They have ankle support and a wider heel. This style is recommended as we do not allow stilettos for safety reasons. This means any heel that is more narrow than the width of a quarter will not be permitted for wear in our classes. NO EXCEPTIONS. As we stated previously, shoes are totally optional – feel free to go barefoot until you feel comfortable and work your muscles up to this level.

Warning for the Pole Class: No body lotion or oils will be allowed unless you want to slip and slide off that pole!

What if I'm shy?

Our facilities are a friendly and safe environment to practice this type of exercise. No men or children are allowed past the boutique and the classroom is not visible from the store front. Only the other people taking the class will see you, and we are all doing the same thing in class. The Xpose program is all about opening up to accept yourself and your body no matter what age or size. So what are you afraid of? After all, when it comes right down to it, it’s just a group of women in sweats working out – right?

What to expect from the free Introductory class

The introductory class is designed for those people who are hesitant with the “exotic dance” theme. It is a basic introduction to the Xpose Fitness program and you will be taught basic moves and exercises. You do not have to take this class first, however it is the only free class that we offer. This class is for new clients only, however, if you "Xpose a friend", you will be able to take the class for free too!

Initiation fees or monthly dues

We understand that today’s woman is busy with unforeseen obligations and we do not want anyone paying for time that they are not here. You only pay for the amount of classes that you want to take. See our pricing page for more information.

Benefits of the Xpose Fitness program

Other then the obvious toning and strengthening, the benefits of the program at Xpose Fitness are endless and extremely unique from other programs. We work from the inside out, helping you to feel confident and empowered as a woman as well as toning up with an exercise regime that is so much fun you won’t even consider it a “work” out. You will:

  • Improve flexibility

  • Reduce stress

  • Become empowered by your femininity

  • Raise endorphins

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Have a positive body image

  • Increase your self expression

  • Spice up your love life

  • Overcome inhibitions

  • Gain confidence

  • Create intimacy

  • Be spontaneous

  • Master eye contact and body language

And the list goes on….


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