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1 yr = over 35 pounds lost! I would like to thank all of the Xpose staff. You all have an amazing gift. Your gift is your clients’ inspiration. You have inspired me many times over to be better, feel better, and look better. I am grateful for all the kind words, the critiques, the smiling faces, etc.
—Vanecia (Ms. V., Skinny Minney)

I was going to buy a slip cover for my couch when my neighbor asked me to start a pole dance workout with her. At first I turned up my nose but I gave Xpose a try. A year later I’m at level 5 and stronger then ever! Needless to say, there is no slip cover on my couch.
—Stephanie Lewis, graphic designer, 33

I never thought at 50, I’d be pole dancing and chair dancing, because just a year a go I was 251 lbs. The regular gym was so smelly and boring. I take 2 classes per day 3 or 4 times per week now. My husband LOVES it!!!! My body is more toned then ever.
—Debbie Miller, crossing guard, 50

I am 44 years old, 2 teenage kids, and had surgery in November 2009. I was feeling old and out of shape. I knew I needed to exercise, but could not bring myself to do the SAME OLD thing. Join a Gym, take Aerobic classes, go for a walk…blah, blah, blah. I wanted fun, I wanted excitement. I wanted to feel alive and VIBRANT… I wanted the spring back in my step! Taking classes at Xpose Fitness has given me excitement and fun all combined with an expressive sensual kick that helps build strength both physically and mentally. All led by talented energizing professional instructors who always have a smile and a kind, motivating, encouraging word. Thank you ladies… you are my inspiration. I am having a total body and mind experience that has lit my spark. I am so glad I took the first step by walking in the door to Xpose Fitness, Arundel Mills.
—Missy, Rider’s Edge Program Manager & Instructor at Harley Davidson, 44

Xpose is different from many fitness places I have tried. And it’s a good thing; new routines, new moves, and new people everyday. I was so glad to join because it has boosted my self-esteem, I lost weight, and learned cool tricks. I hope to stay with it for a very long time!
—Diane Horn, Photographer, 27

I am having the absolute best time in these classes. I see such a difference in my self. I was born with lymph edema in my left leg so it tends to swell and look out of proportion with my right leg. I have never had sexy legs or the confidence to do a lot of things. Since I have been coming to Xpose Fitness something has changed in me. I feel so complete and sexy. I feel like my body is just one complete and beautiful package. I don't think of my body as incomplete... and don't feel the empty sadness I have always felt for this swollen leg. I can't tell you the difference I feel about my body. I actually went out with a guy a month ago who said to me, “You have the sexiest legs I've ever seen. You look like a pin up!” I almost died. I am a new person and feel so good. Your healthy approach has been so welcoming and I will continue to get my doses of laughter, confidence, friendship and sex appeal by coming to Xpose!
—Tricia, Writer from Baltimore

My weight fluctuates constantly, but finding the time to go to the gym is difficult at best. I never felt good about the experience, and always felt that people were staring at me. At Xpose Fitness I find myself not looking at it like a workout at all! I feel confident when I come in to work out and feel comfortable knowing that no one is staring! This is the longest I have ever stuck with a workout routine and the results are showing. Thanks Xpose!
—Jessica, Student from Towson

If you want to feel sexy this is the place to be… I went purely out of curiosity but I continue to come back for the fun. Plus - the moves have brought a little life back into the bedroom!!
—Erin, Accountant from Columbia

I am a stay at home mom who was looking for an afternoon activity that had nothing to do with Sesame Street or cleaning. When I found Xpose I found that activity. It is such a relief to do something fun and purely for me. Now when I take the kids to the park I have to fight the urge to swing on the poles at the playground!
—Monica Mother of Three from Perry Hall

I had a private party at Xpose for a bachlorette party. It was the talk of the office for the next two weeks. The instructors made the women feel comfortable and really got them into the mood to celebrate.
—Amiee, Banker from Loch Raven

I love the women at Xpose. They are all so welcoming and create a genuinely friendly atmosphere. The instructors take the time to learn your needs, offer tips, and compliment your success. I really feel like part of the family – it is definitely worth my drive.
—Claire, Waitress from Glen Burnie

It was a lot harder than I thought. I had the best workout that I have had in a really long time! I can’t wait to try the workout with the shoes on!!


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