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Garter Program

Xpose Fitness has instituted a black belt program of sorts—but with garters!

Earn each of the 10 different garters by completing an online or in-studio workshop and set routine in pole, floor/chair, and sexy stretch.


Work your way up from white to black and become a more well-rounded Xpose woman!


Wear your garters in class to show your status!

Each garter level exam-workshop is $30

Price includes two garters for the level you are testing in. Take one home for display; show one off in class.

Once you earn your black garter, you’ll receive a custom Xpose Fitness Order of the Garter hoodie!

The exam-workshop is a test of your knowledge of the material. There will be no instruction on the moves. Should you not pass, you will receive three free classes to practice before trying again.

Garter Tests must be taken in order.

Online Garter Tests

Online Garter Tests are available all of the time.  You receive 2 hours of Open Studio time to record your exam.

Completed videos should be sent to for review

In-Studio Garter Test

In-Studio Garter Tests are available once a year.  You will participate in an exam  with an Xpose instructor and perform the choreographed routine with others testing. 

Click here for this year's in-studio garter dates.

In-Studio garters restart every year with Pole 1.

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