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Our studio is a community for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages who support and encourage each other.


When you join us for class at Xpose Fitness, we ask that you...



Bring a positive attitude

You will find there are things that come more easily to you than to others. You will also find that some things may not come as easily as you thought they would. The best part about our classes is you will have a good time and there is always something to keep you motivated in your workout. Remember to keep moving during class, and you'll nail that move!


Arrive on time

Classes start promptly at their scheduled times. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to check in. If you are not here 3 minutes before the start of class, your space will be forfeited to the next person on the wait-list.  For health and safety reasons, we cannot allow anyone into class after the start time.


Be Considerate of other clients

When you come into the pole or main studio, you may notice various items in the room- a paper towel around a pole, or a water bottle near an empty chair. These are generally signs that someone has already chosen this space for themselves. Try out a new part of the room!

Please remember your personal hygiene – put on deodorant / antiperspirant before taking class.

We make every effort to maintain a comfortable and clean environment. Please remember to wipe down your pole after class!


Be Considerate of your Instructor

They work hard to prepare class for you every week. Going in and out of the studio or disrupting the class to leave early can be very distracting. We understand that we women lead very busy lives, and you may occasionally need to step out. We just ask that you let your instructor know if you are planning on leaving early or choose a space near the exit.

Make sure to set your phone to silent or vibrate before class starts.

 Please do not video or record during class.

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